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2019 Sep

This is the fourth year we've photographed this race and I must say, it doesn't look as though the course is getting any easier for the participants. We try to capture some of the drama brought on by these events and there is no better place then near the top of a hill. Accordingly, there are not many beauty shots here but please take pride in the fact that you all competed in one of the hardest Ultras currently out there. If you are able to find any inspiration in these photos; we've achieved one of our goals.

As before, you are welcome to take any photos as screenies but if you'd like a copy for printing purposes just send me an email quoting the filename which is located at the bottom of each image. If you would like to show your appreciation, please consider a donation to a local animal rescue Cat's Cradle Animal Rescue

Any amount will be welcome.

Randy + Juanita

2019 Finlayson Arm 28K

2019 Finlayson Arm 50 and 100K Ultras

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