Tenderfoot Boogie 50M/K


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2016 Tenderfoot Boogie 50M/K Photos

2016 June

I like to prepare for ultra races. My first year of running them was in 2014 and I suffered on the courses for a variety of reasons but I learned that preparation is the best way to complete them. Accordingly, I search the internet for previous races, runner descriptions, runner stats, name origin - the usual stuff but I couldn't fathom the name of this race. I've heard of Sufferfest, The Death Race, Fat Dog - macho sounding names but Tenderfoot Boogie? This bothered me for almost a year until it occurred to me, late one night. Tender Foot Boogie - your feet will be so sore and battered that it'll look like you're dancing from the pain. Now I get it. So I bought some new heavy duty trail shoes and made sure they were broken in before race day.

The Race starts in Squamish, BC - on the coast and at sea level. People sail boats and fish here. The Race ends 50 miles up the road just beyond Whistler, BC - in the mountains where people ski. Start off is at 0500 hrs from a conveniently located Recreation Center. The sun is just starting to rise at this time and you have to be vigilant to see the race ribbons in the darkened woods. I saw a few splinters of runners break off course in the early mins. Later, I was one of them until we got out of the suburbs and the trails became easier to navigate. Our day started a little cool and overcast - perfect conditions for a long race. The first 40 k's are mostly flat which is good until you remember the elevation will be made up in the last 40 k's. The course stays on the trails where it can but moves to roads or highway 99 where it must. Personally, I thought the roads were a godsend as it let me make up some easy distance. As usual, I've captioned the photos and hope they give some idea of the terrain this Race covers.

All things considered, I was happy with the way I performed and I liked this course - I may do it again but will have to figure a way to speed things up - 13hrs 45min is too long. Staying on course and not taking my camera may just do it.

Stats - My Garmin 920XT measured the distance at 81.8 km (1.8 k off track) and the elevation at 2240 meters. Randy


Height vs Distance


Starting to feel high here

2016 Tenderfoot Boogie 50M/K Photos
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