Finlayson Arm 28/50K


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2016 Finlayson Arm 28/50K Photos

2016 December

I write this page almost 3 months after running this race. I still haven't compared my 'Garmin' stats to my previous races. The Finlayson Arm 50 was the third and final race for 2016 and the culmination of a hard year of training which included my first 50 Miler. The conclusion of this schedule had left me very disinterested in any further running and the only thing that has kept me going was my early registration for Orcas Island 50k in February 2017. I crossed the finish line about an hour over what I had expected and, I'm sorry to say, told the RD that I would never run the race again. I meant it too. I'm starting to come around, but it will not be in 2017.

This Race takes place in Victoria, BC - click here for the official description. Yes, it has 2970 Meters of elevation. Just imagine a ladder 3 km's high or a building with 970 stories; but you have 12 hours in which to climb it. Starting in 2017, interested runners can try the 100K version - 2 laps of the 50.

My issues were the usual - started dehydrated, went out too hard for the first 5 hours, lost my quads then spent 6 hours of pain limping home. Rookie mistakes.

This is a hard course for spectators to view. Juanita was only able to take pictures at the Start/Finish, and a few at AS 1 and AS 2/4. We hope you enjoy them.


2016 Finlayson Arm 28/50K Photos
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