Diez Vista 50K


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2016 Diez Vista 50K Photos

2016 April

After my 2015 spectacular finish at Mt Frosty (did not dnf and did not come last), I determined to up my game for the 2016 Season. I'm in my 60's and know that I'm running - oh so literally, out of time, and that I'd better make a determined effort to complete a 50 Miler in 2016, if that was my goal. Accordingly, I planned to enter (and finish) the Finlayson Arm 50 K held in September. I run this section of trail all year long and have a very healthy respect for it's physical difficulty. So I set up my year to run Diez Vista 50K in April, Tenderfoot Boogie 50M in June, and Finlayson Arm 50K in September.

Diez Vista is located in Belcarra Park - Port Moody but we stayed in Port Coquitlam, and were only a 20 min ride from the start. The race is named for "10 Views" which I had trouble finding during the event. The website is informative but does not mention a ban on the use of running poles - you don't find that out until after you have entered and receive a newsletter from the Race Director. My 2 emails to the RD on this topic went unanswered so I ended up running close to 'au natural' (sorry for the unanticipated visual but that's the way I feel about my poles). I've captioned the photos I took so those interested can follow them for a commentary of my race. I try to shoot the trails so that people will get an idea of the technicalities involved. Briefly, this is a very technical trail with lots of rocks and roots. I recommend wearing heavy duty trail shoes. There are plenty of Aid Stations and a ton of exhuberant volunteers - they really help during an arduous run. This course is great to have in the spring as it sets you up for other events during the summer season. It starts and ends in a very busy Park so be prepared for groups of walkers who don't know nor care about your race. Some uncontrolled dogs too! The website map of the course makes it look very complicated but it wasn't like that to run- plenty of people to follow or flags to indicate a change in trail.

As much as I like challenges, I won't be back for this one unless they change their policy on the use of poles.

Stats - My Garmin 920XT measured the distance at 46.7 km and the elevation at 1936 meters. Randy


Height vs Distance


90 mins in - turn left to see Vancouver

2016 Diez Vista 50K Photos
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