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2015 May

The group of Sun Mountain Races are held near Winthrop, WA which is located in the Methow Valley and is about a 3 hour drive east from Mt Vernon; on the Pacific Coast, and hosted by Rainshadow Running.

The 50M and 50K races were held on Saturday May 16. The day was very hot (close to 30C) and there are few trees on the course. I was running the 50K with my camera and Juanita was shooting the event with her dSLR. I was very happy with my running for the first 3 hours but had severe stomach cramping until near the 6th hour. I suspect I didn't take enough salt but who knows? I maintained water and food and certainly did better then last year. -Randy

The 25K was held the next day on May 17. We switched places and I shot the race from the start, then switched to a position on the steepest part of the hill leading into the Aid Station. As a runner I knew this would be the last place runners would like to see a camera but as a photographer I also knew it would be the best place to sit. The conditions were ideal for long running - cool and just a small amount of rain. Not the best for photography though. I've left some soft images in the galleries as this is about the runners - not the photographer.

We hope you like them. Copies by request or just take screenies.
Randy + Juanita

2015 Sun Mountain 50K Trail Photos - Randy

2015 Sun Mountain 50K + 50M - Juanita

2015 Sun Mountain 25K Part 1 - Randy

2015 Sun Mountain 25K Part 2- Randy

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