Finlayson Arm 25k + 50k


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2015 Sep

The first Annual Finlayson Arm 25k + 50k Race was held on September 12, 2015 just outside Victoria BC. These photos include positions at the Start, Mt Finlayson ascent, Holmes Peak, the return to Mt Finlayson and the Finish. We shot from just before the 25k start at 0800 until 1420 hrs. I'm pretty sure there is at least 1 photo of every participant. I've broken down the 892 edited photos into 3 groups. They are displayed in the order they were captured. Finally we've gone through and picked those images that we think best show the elevation of Mt Finlayson, its difficulty and the determination of some of the participants.

We hope you like them. Copies by request or just take screenies.
Randy + Juanita

2015 Finlayson Arm 001-->300

2015 Finlayson Arm 301-->600

2015 Finlayson Arm 601-->892

2015 Finlayson Arm - Our Picks

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