Sun Mountain


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    I was positioned just before the final turn for the 25 Km race. Juanita took the same spot for the 50 Km and 50 Mile races the next day. There are 4 galleries listed below according to the times the photos were taken for the 25 km race. If you know when you crossed the Finish Line, then you pretty much know when we took your picture. On Sunday, the photos were taken at the 25 km spot for the 50 km racers. The 50 milers then would have 25 km's to go. Thanks for the inspiration runners!



Larry ran both the 25 and the 50 km for his friend Dan

Saturday May 17 2014 - 25 Km Trail Race

Sunday May 18 2014 - 50 Km and 50 Mile Races

50 Km and 50 Mile Races

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