Kusam Klimb


Held in Sayward, BC on Vancouver Island

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Just what is the Kusam Klimb? Follow this LINK for a full explanation from their home site. You are welcome to download these images, use the bottom link (3) for large photos, go through the index page and highlight the large image... right click and choose save image. Windows Users can resize the images/index page to suit your monitor. Hold down the [Control] key while pressing the (+) or (-) keys.
Or just quickly scan smaller images with link (2). Or if you did the Klimb, and want to save yourself the smallest effort - use the Flash Gallery Slideshow link (1).

I used Runtracker on my smartphone to track this event. Download the .kml file HERE Once you have the file, double click to unzip it into the .kml extention, right click and open with GoogleEarth. (Of course you need GoogleEarth on your computer first).



And So it Begins

(1) Flash Gallery - Slideshow enabled

(2) Photos with captions - click to view

(3) Large Photos - right click to download

Home Page

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