The GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon


(Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon or its sponsors). Here is a link to the organizer's website. Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon

A side note for Victoria area runners. If you are looking for anything related to running, check out Mike Suminski's website The Trail Guy for group trail runs, information, events, ... everything.
His other site is Trails of the West Coast specializing in trail running,races and other events.

           Questions or Comments?   Please contact   Randy

    I was positioned just past the 17 kilometer flag on race day from 0815 hours to 1230 hrs and shot just over 3200 images during this time. The weather was perfect for running and photography! My equipment was a Nikon D800 + 80-400mm VR G lens. Purchased images will be provided at a size to allow 8 x 12 inch high-quality prints (3888 x 2592 pixels). If anyone would like an image cropped or aspect changed, I'll do any reasonable request at no extra charge.

    Due to the physical number of images, I am going to provide a gallery of my favourites, then upload the bulk images in groups of 500 - based on time shot. I've done this in other areas of this website and have found that the images can be viewed fairly quickly.

   Images are for sale for $10. Payment can be made through the PayPal button (which also takes major Credit Cards). Please send me an email with the Filename before you make the payment so I can confirm we are referencing the same image, and I'll email the image back once PayPal advises me the transaction has cleared. The Filename is located at the bottom of the image - just above the time stamp and looks like this 20131013_RVM_####.

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