Local Wind Surfers/Kiters/Boarders

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2012 December 17

2012 December 17. Promised 17 foot waves didn't show but Rx, Shaggy & Kus sure did. Some Show! Thanks Guys.

2012 November 20

2012 November 20. IV - All weather types in about 45 mins.

2012 November 18

2012 November 18. Mid island beach - very busy today.

2012 November 17

2012 November 17. A shorty at Island View. Winter is almost here!

2012 April 02

2012 April 02. Last of the great winter storms for this season - Columbia Beach

2012 March 20

2012 March 20. Rain, hail and sleet but no snow! Not bad for 3 degrees. The wind was very gusty and holes caused a few problems. Great changes in light thanks to the clouds. Location withheld.

2012 March 14

2012 March 14. Pretty windy day. Kus solos from Clover. Never mind the logs, kelp, sea lion or effluent. Looks like fun.

2012 March 05

2012 March 05. Back to Victoria and Cook St. Just a short kite session.

2012 Feb 28 CB

2012 Feb 28 at Columbia. What a cold day! Wingnut, Eastside and Udder make it interesting.

2012 Feb 25 SP

2012 Feb 25 at San Pariel. The Eastside Story. Everybody else was south attending the largest wind/wave session ever -apparently. Whatever. SP set up some wicked waves. An ocean kayaker appeared at the end of the session and it was interesting watching his technique.

2012 Feb 24 CB

Feb 24 at CB. Very cold and windy. Nothing new there.

2012 Jan 28 CB

Jan 28 at CB. 30 knot winds on an ultra low tide. Very cold but no rain and a decent turnout.

2012 Jan 24 Willows

Jan 24 at Willows. No heavy wind but we're still recovering from Sunday. ~ Wingnut & Voodmon ~

2012 Jan 22 Willows

Jan 22. Major wind warnings for Vancouver Island. 50 to 60 knot winds. Temp about 4 degrees - windchill= cold. This was a big storm. More Force 4 & Kus take on Willows Beach. WD & Nanmoo take on CHEK at CB.

2012 Jan 21 ck

Jan 21 before we get on the map with the first half decent wind of the year. A little more wind is expected tomorrow.

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